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WIFI Access - Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham

We have recently finished installing 7 Ubiquiti UAP AC LR wifi access points at Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham.

The carehome is a large listed building with multiple levels and a large number of rooms and corridors and as a carehome, it needed to improve the method by which it monitors those within its care.

Lypiatt Lodge determined the best way to keep track of how care is provided was to adopt wireless tablets that communicated with a cloud based database specifically developed for carehomes.


To make this system work, wifi needed to be available throughout the building and so we installed PoE (power over ethernet) wireless access points by Ubiquiti.


We used an 8 port PoE switch to provide data and power to the access points and used blue prints of the building to position the access points in the best locations around the building.

We used high quality CAT6 cable that uses a special shielding which is almost smokeless in the event of a fire; something that is a huge benefit for any location where there are people sleeping at the same location.


The remit was to get full coverage by using the fewest number wireless access points and we managed this with only 7 access points. Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham now has a modern, fast and comprehensive wifi solution that not only meets their current needs but also provides future-proofing for a good number of years to come. 

CCTV Installed At Clarence Court Hotel

In order to provide better security for guests and the hotel as a whole, The Clarence Court hotel commissioned Cheltenham Computer Specialists to install some of the lastest CCTV cameras available on the market.


7 internal CCTV cameras with High Definition wide angle lenses, motion detection and night vision were installed to cover strategic points around the hotel. Placing the cameras was made easy because the power for the cameras is sent down the same cable as the data. This allowed for easy positioning of the cameras and did not restrict the cameras to locations where there was a power supply.


All the CCTV camera cables were fed back to the rack cabinet into which was installed a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) auto-sensing switch. Each cable was connected to one of the ports and power was then distributed to each camera.

Each camera can be manually adjusted to suit the coverage needed. The lens can be rotated 180 degrees and up and down by roughly 40 degrees but the wide angle of each lens means even small offices can be well covered.


The cameras were then named and added to a software package which was installed on one of the office's Windows PCs. It was from the software "Control Panel" that we set up when the recording would take place.


The options for recording were: Continuously, on Motion Detection or by a schedule. Motion detection also allowed for "hot spots" to be configured. Hot Spots allow for an room to be covered by the cameras but only start recording if someone breaks in through the window. Therefore, you mark the window as a "hot spot" and the camera ignores people walking around the rest of the room. It's a very simple and effective system.


Rather than clog up the office PC with large amounts of recordings, we attached a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and from within the Control Panel we pointed all the recordings to the NAS freeing up the Office PC to act as just the controller.


The next step was to provide the owners remote access to the cameras and recordings. This allowed them to view the cameras in "real time" via a mobile phone, iPad or through a web browser from any location where they had Internet access or 3g / 4g coverage.


The Cheltenham based hotel is now covered by CCTV operating 24 / 7 and with the ability to look back at recordings for a given period of time.



Data & Images Recovery From Apple Mac

This was an interesting one which took us some time to solve, but solve it we did.

A home user was requesting assistance in getting back some images and data which seemed to have suddenly disappeared after installing El Capitan.

The images were part of the Photos library which had been upgraded from the original iPhotos library.

A Time Machine backup had been taken but they couldn't get into the Time Machine data via Time Machine in order to extract the data.

To make things worse, they had two Apple MACs and it wasn't clear which MAC had taken the Time Machine backup and whether it had worked in the first place.

Long and short of it all is that after a good number of hours we were able to dig into the backups, mount the Time Machine folder and get access to the data which was there, but was very difficult to get at.


Wireless Network For Large Homes In Cheltenham

We've actually just finished doing two of these. One just outside Winchcombe and one just outside Andoversford.


Both houses were large but one had been pre-cabled with ethernet cabling and the other was an old, Cotswold stone building with thick walls and many large rooms.


In both cases we installed 3 x Long Range Ubiquiti Access Points. Each access point is capable of transmitting the signal 600 feet.

With 3 access points positioned in a triangle shape within each property, wi-fi coverage was complete  and comprehensive and without any dead spots.


All users were able to roam throughout their properties without needing to change access points or connections.

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs and smart TVs were all able to connect without issue.


We have just completed a new installation of Windows Server 2012 and Exchange 2013 for a company in Cheltenham.

The company had been running Small Business Server 2008 which combined the file and folder sharing services with exchange The server was starting to get a bit clunky and unreliable and so we replaced their old server with a new ML350p with 2 x 15k hard drives for the Operating System and 3 x 10k hard drives for the data and exchange.

Microsoft have stopped producing the Small Business Server range of operating systems and so the company had to opt for Windows 2012 and a separate copy of Exchange 2013 which made the new server more expensive than the last server.

That said, the new system is faster and Exchange 2013 is slicker and has excellent web-based email system and Apps for phones and iPads etc that help end users send and receive their business emails.

Their system is protected from viruses, hackers, malware and so on by a Watchguard XTM-Firewall which offers end users a simple and effective means of accessing company data through a secure SSL VPN connection.

There is a lot more this new system can offer but with built-in redundancy on the server, a comprehensive backup solution to an on-site NAS device and secure off-site backups to our servers, this SME has a solid IT infrastructure which will last them a fair few years to come.

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Data Backup solutions for businesses in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire
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data integrity checking in Cheltenham
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