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server installs cheltenham

  • Cheltenham Computer Specialists

    Cheltenham based computer services and IT consultants covering Cheltenham and the surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Gloucester, Stroud and Tewkesbury.

    With over 15 years of experience in the field of IT, gained by working at some large institutions, Cheltenham Computer Specialists provides all manner of computer services to home users, SOHOs and SMEs. From cabling to entire network installations and security, we can provide you with services at competitive prices and in a manner that will leave you confident your requirements have been met and that there is always someone at hand to provide support as and when it's needed.

    Cheltenham Computer Specialists provides fast, reliable and comprehensive IT support for Windows or Apple based systems. 

    Whether you have a current network that needs support and maintenance or are looking to install a new system; we can provide advice, the hardware and get it installed and configured to your requirements.

  • Server Installations

    Server Installations & Maintanence Cheltenham

    server installations in Cheltenham and GloucestershireAt Cheltenham Computer Specialists, we can provide, install and maintain server(s) for your business.

    We've installed large numbers of servers and therefore, should you not know what you need, we can provide clear to understand advice on what you need and why. We'll keep costs as low as possible without cutting corners or compromising on performance and reliability.

    There is a lot to consider when choosing or thinking about a server and so we'd be more than happy to talk you through the various options, costs and implications.

    For a no obligation chat, feel free to call us on:

    01242 582011

    or write to us at

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    What Is A Server ?

    Servers are basically large computers built to be more robust, more powerful and expandable. They are used to control data in a working environment. They are kept on all the time and provide a central location for all files, folders and databases.

    With a server, you can control who has access to various files and folders. 

    Servers can also run databases, email systems or CRM systems which may require multiple users to access the database at the same time. Servers also allow for easy printer sharing.

    Servers tend to run on software such as Microsoft Server 2012 or Exchange 2013


    Who Needs A Server ?

    This really depends on what the server will be used for, but a rule of thumb would be to say that a business of around 5 users should be looking at using a server. If a business is only performing file sharing functions then a small, low cost server will suffice. It might be that a NAS or Network Attached Storage will be more appropriate as it is cheaper but just as efficient.

    A business that runs shared applications with shared printers and an email system will almost certainly need a server. The server will need to be more expensive, more powerful and have more redundancy built into it.



    • A server helps centralise your information.
    • A server can help you control access to data helping to keep things private.
    • A server can run software that multiple users might need to such as a CRM or Accounting package.
      A server can help track who last used a file or folder
    • A server allows you to centrally control who does what - and when.



    A server can be expensive

    A server needs special software

    A server needs to be maintained

    A server needs specialists backup software (in some cases)


    Overall, there is less of a need to have a server and small businesses with only a few employees might find it more economical to go to cloud based services but larger institutons would probably find that a server based network allows them more control and it becomes cheaper than a cloud based solution.

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Server & Hardware


Wi-Fi Networking


Security & Firewalls


Backup Solutions


Data Recovery


Cheltenham Computer Specialists In Brief

Cheltenham Computer Specialists provide expert IT support services for businesses and home users. We cover Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and offer a wide range of computer support sevices including repairs, upgrades, new installations or maintenance of current systems.

Based in Cheltenham, our business has grown due to our efficient service, quick repsonse times and expertise which ensures our customers receive the correct advice and the best solution to fit their needs.

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