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Apple Networking
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apple network configuration services in Cheltenham and GloucestershireWith more and more people using Apple products, it's now increasingly important to be able to network those items together and also get them to work with a Windows network. 

At Cheltenham Computer Specialists we maintain a number of businesses that use Apple products with their Windows based network.

We have configured Apple Macs,  MacBook laptops, iPhones and iPads to integrate into a Windows network and to use VPN connections to allow them to work remotely when out of the office.

iPads are becoming popular and we've set up iPads to use business emails and company data through VPN connections. This allows engineers to update their data whilst off-site and send that data, via a 3g / 4g connection, back to the office server.


iPhones can be used in the same manner as an iPad although the screen size (apart from the new iPhone 6 plus) makes it rather impractical other than for emails and text messages.

Apple users in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire can integrate into a network as soomthly as Windows products and although some functionality and speed is compromised, all-in-all, it is possible to use Apple products with a Windows based network.

Should you need more information or just wish to discuss your options, please feel free to call us on:


01242 582011

Or email us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Would We Recommend Using Apple Computers ?

We would not recommend businesses in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire to use an Apple Mac or a MacBook over a Windows based computer unless you have a compelling reason to do so, such as graphic design.

If you already have a MAC, there's no need to go and buy a Windows PC but if you are toying with the idea of what to buy, then stick with windows. They are cheaper, work better in a windows environment and are cheaper to fix.

Internally to a network, MACs browse the network well, but through a VPN, MACs can be very slow; therefore, if you have a MacBook or iMAC outside of the office, it will be a lot slower than if using a Windows based machine. It can be quite frustrating.

Apple products are a lot more expensive than Windows products and repairs can be very expensive. Internally, Apple Macs and MacBooks are very similar to a Windows machine making the points of failure the same and we perform just as many data recovery procedures on Apple products as Windows products.

Can Apple MACs Get Viruses ?

Many people believe that the Apple operating system will not get a virus, but the fact of the matter is, they can and are much more likely to do so with the increase in users. In fact, as we write this article, we are cleaning a MacBook Pro that has been infacted with multiple Trojans.

We personally add Kaspersky to our iMacs and MacBooks and have had to clean a number of MacBooks and iMacs of Malware which was affecting Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Before the surge in Apple usage, virus code was aimed at the massive market majority which was Windows. There was little point in writing a virus for such a small market share but now that Apple has a larger, and growing, market share, viruses are being written for the Apple operating system.


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Cheltenham Computer Specialists In Brief

Cheltenham Computer Specialists provide expert IT support services for businesses and home users. We cover Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and offer a wide range of computer support sevices including repairs, upgrades, new installations or maintenance of current systems.

Based in Cheltenham, our business has grown due to our efficient service, quick repsonse times and expertise which ensures our customers receive the correct advice and the best solution to fit their needs.

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