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WIFI Access - Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham

We have recently finished installing 7 Ubiquiti UAP AC LR wifi access points at Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham.

The carehome is a large listed building with multiple levels and a large number of rooms and corridors and as a carehome, it needed to improve the method by which it monitors those within its care.

Lypiatt Lodge determined the best way to keep track of how care is provided was to adopt wireless tablets that communicated with a cloud based database specifically developed for carehomes.


To make this system work, wifi needed to be available throughout the building and so we installed PoE (power over ethernet) wireless access points by Ubiquiti.


We used an 8 port PoE switch to provide data and power to the access points and used blue prints of the building to position the access points in the best locations around the building.

We used high quality CAT6 cable that uses a special shielding which is almost smokeless in the event of a fire; something that is a huge benefit for any location where there are people sleeping at the same location.


The remit was to get full coverage by using the fewest number wireless access points and we managed this with only 7 access points. Lypiatt Lodge Carehome in Cheltenham now has a modern, fast and comprehensive wifi solution that not only meets their current needs but also provides future-proofing for a good number of years to come. 

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Cheltenham Computer Specialists provide expert IT support services for businesses and home users. We cover Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and offer a wide range of computer support sevices including repairs, upgrades, new installations or maintenance of current systems.

Based in Cheltenham, our business has grown due to our efficient service, quick repsonse times and expertise which ensures our customers receive the correct advice and the best solution to fit their needs.

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