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Disaster Recovery
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Disaster Recovery

disaster-recovery-supportDisaster Recovery is when you suffer a server failure or a loss due to fire, flooding or theft and you have to recover your system so you can all start working again.

At Cheltenham Computer Specialists we learned a lot about contingency planning from the businesses we've worked at - especially the embassy, which had a very high priority on its contingency and recovery planning.

We can take all of our knowledge gained at these various establishments and implement the best recovery strategy for your business. We can take a look at your current set up and make sure you have what you need to be back up and running again in the fastest possible time according to your budget.

For a no obligation discussion or to have one of our technicians perform a site survey, please call us on:


01242 582011

or email us at

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Disaster Recovery Scenarios & Options


Server Failure


If you have a Service Level Agreement with the server manufacturer, the time to recover your server will depend on the service you've got. Some suppliers will offer a 3 year, 4 hour on-site service which sounds great but this is for business days only and from 9 until 5pm and the SLA is for them to be ON-SITE within 4 hours and not necessarily to FIX it within 4 hours.


They'll also only send an engineer out if they are unable to resolve the situtation over the phone.

If you pay more, then you get a 24 hour service, a 4 hour response time and a 6 hour to fix. You pay more but you have the knowledge that if things go wrong, you have a backup.


If you don't have an extended support contract, to be able to recover from such a disaster, you need to have been pro-active in how your backups and recovery system was put in place. Without a solid backup system, recovering your server might not be possible and you could be faced with starting all over again and importing the data.

This means ordering a new server, configuring it, joining all the computers to the domain, importing the backed up data and so on. It's going to be at least 3 to 4 days of downtime - something most businesses cannot afford.


Fire, Theft or Flood


If you lose your server and workstations then you are going to be forced to buy new equipment and hopefully that will be covered by insurance - right ?

This is where your OFF-SITE backups come in. If you lost your server and workstations, you probably lost your local backups too and so you are left with your off-site backups to recover your data.


At Cheltenham Computer Specialists we can offer an off-site backup solution which will not only backup your data, but also allow you remote access to your data should you need to.

This means your staff can continue to work from any location and almost any device until you get your equipment back in place. We can even implement an email backup solution that has all your emails delivered to a backup server as a storage until your new server comes back on-line; and when it does, your emails get delivered to without any loss.


How's that for a disaster recovery option ?

Email Solutions


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Backup Solutions


Data Recovery


Cheltenham Computer Specialists In Brief

Cheltenham Computer Specialists provide expert IT support services for businesses and home users. We cover Cheltenham and Gloucestershire and offer a wide range of computer support sevices including repairs, upgrades, new installations or maintenance of current systems.

Based in Cheltenham, our business has grown due to our efficient service, quick repsonse times and expertise which ensures our customers receive the correct advice and the best solution to fit their needs.

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